1969 Chevrolet Camaro
Custom Pro Touring G-Machine

  • SUPER.
  • RTH4 Autocross event participant.
  • Professional restoration w/ no expense spared.
  • Beautiful body w/ Anvil carbon fiber hood.
  • Painted by well-known A-1 Design.
  • Formula 43 Custom wheels.
  • Custom Connolly Black Leather w/ Red stitching by A1 Design.
  • Loaded w/ options such as gauges, Sparco steering wheel and seats, keyless start, AC, power windows and sound system.
  • Detailed engine compartment.
  • Chevrolet Performance Bow Tie Aluminum fuel injected 400 V8 with 580 HP by Mark Stielow.
  • Vintage AC front runner pulley system.
  • Ron Davis two row aluminum radiator.
  • Headers w/ Borla center exhaust system.
  • Tremec Magnum 6-speed manual.
  • Chassis Works Fab 9" posi rear.
  • Complete Baer braking system.
  • C5 front and rear 4-link rear suspension.
  • Many Ring Brothers parts.
  • Magazine featured.
  • Much, much, more!

  • Going to Barrett Jackson.

Marc Shiliro's Classic Cars
MS CLASSIC CARS presents...
Model Car Collection #2


        Presenting a beautiful model car collection that was acquired by a model car collector.  During my years of collecting classic cars and trucks I’ve acquired some really cool things from the people I’ve bought vehicles from and people I’ve met.  The model car collection you're about to witness consists of over 500 models!  Over 200 of them are still in their original packages. The gentleman who owned them was in his 90’s and passed away a few years ago.  I purchased them from his son.  Most of them are from the 1980’s, 1990’s and early 2000’s.  A list of all the cars in packages is below along with photos of the entire collection. 

        Currently these models are in my showroom on display and I’m in no rush to sell them.  The models are only being offered as a collection for $2500.00.  This is only $5.00 per car which is a great deal! Some of these cars in packages have prices of $50.00, $30.00, etc and were purchased many years ago.  I’m also including some vintage NASCAR photos and which three have been autographed by the drivers!  Please call me at #508-557-0152 or email with any questions.  Thank you.

List of all the packaged models:

Left Rack, first shelve:

*Road Champs Collectibles:  1956 Ford F-100
 *Road Signature:  7 Cars: 1934 Ford Pickup Wrecker, 1937 Ford Convertible, 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz, 1957 Chevy Bel Air Fire Chief, 1959 Chevrolet Impala, 1970 Dodge Coronet R/T and 1999 Shelby
*Maisto Superior: 3 Cars: Corvette, Porsche and Mercedes Benz
*Road and Track:  Corvette
*Racing Champions:  Indy Car 1994 Edition
*Die Cast Miniature:  Pencil Sharpener

Left Rack, second shelve:

*Motorworks: 3 cars: 1950 Bel Air, 1957 Bel Air and 1967 Corvette
*Motor Max:  California Highway Patrol
*Maisto:  2000 SSR Concept
*Hot Wheels: 2 Cars: Sacramento Police Car and Cheerios Race Car
*Speccast:  2 Cars: 1941 Willys and 1949 Mercury Custom
*Matchbox Collectables: 3 cars:  Coca Cola 1955 Ford and 1959 Cadillac.  McDonalds 1965 Ford F-100
*Road Champs Police Series:  Rhode Island State Police Suburban
*Campbells Soup: 100th Anniversary Truck.
*ERTL Collectibles Modified Legends:  5 Cars:  Fred Desarro, Richie Evans, Will Cagle, Jerry Cook and Ron Bouchard
*Road Signature:  1968 Shelby GT500KR
*Matchbox:  3 Cars:  Corvette Race Car, 1991 Goodwrench Racing car and 1994 Modified Legend Car

Left Rack, third shelve:

*Slim Jim Racing:  #44 Racing Team Tractor Trailer
*Racing Champions NASCAR: 2 Trucks:  #25 Racing Team Tractor Trailer and Exide Batteries Racing Team Trailer 1999 Edition
*USA Hockey:  Team Collectible Tractor Trailer
*Parts USA:  Parts USA Tractor Trailer
*Kmart:  #37 Racing Team Tractor Trailer
*True Value Trucks: 3 Trucks: Horse and Wagon, 1925 Kenworth State Truck and 1931 Hawkeye Truck
*Corgi: 2 Trucks:  2 Texaco Motor Oil Trucks
*Race Champions Collectable: 2 Cars:  1955 Chevy and 1969 Superbee
*Racing Champions NASCAR:  Western Auto #77 Tractor Trailer
*ERTC Collectable:  1950 Chevy Truck Die Cast
*ERTC Ace Hardware:  1955 Chevy Pickup Bank Die Cast.
*Ford:  2002 Thunderbird White Sox Limited Edition
*Kid Connection Power Racers:  2 Cars:  Corvette and Viper
*New Ray Oldsmobile:  2 Cars: 1955 Oldsmobile Super 88 and 1966 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible
*Vitesse Collection:  1950’s Ford Sunliner
*Maisto Harley Davidson:  Series 2 Die cats Motorocycle

Left Rack, fourth shelve:

*Road Champs Police Series:  34 Cars from different US States.

Left Rack, fifth shelve:

*Vintage NASCAR Autographed Photos:  Wynns Racing #7 Gary St. Amant and Dirt Devil #36 Davy Wallace.
*Vintage NASCAR Photos:  1992 Purulater Lumina, Terry Labrute #11 Car, Joe Gibbs Champion Spark Plugs, KRR #79 Car, Valvoline #6 Car, Ken Schrauer #25 Car, Citgo Racing #21 Car, Dan Maserury JR #12 car, Michael and Mario Andretti, Joe Amalo, John Swanson and 2 Dale Earnhardt’s

Right Rack, first shelve:

*Hot Wheels:  NASCAR  #22 car.
*Maisto Special Edition: 2 Cars:  1962 Bel Air and 1965 Pontiac GTO Hurst Edition
*Racing Champions NASCAR: 6 Cars:  #9 car, #22 car, #28 car, #40 car, #40 car smaller, #41 car, #72 car and #93 car
*Winners Circle NASCAR: 5 Cars:  #2 car, #3 car, #9 car, #9 car smaller and #72 car.

Right Rack, second shelve:

*Winners Circle NASCAR: 7 Cars.
* Racing Champions NASCAR: 6 Cars.  NHRA 3 cars. Totaling 9 cars all with cards.
*Johnny Lighting:  6 Cars with coins
*Racing Champions NASCAR:  4 Cars with cards and stands
*Racing Champions NASCAR: 4 cars with cards
*Hot Wheels:  Shelby Cobra 427
*Matchbox Collectables Premiere Collection:  3 cars
*Brickyard 400:  2 cars
*Action Platinum Series:  1 Car

Right Rack, third shelve:

*Johnny Lighting Muscle Cars USA: 13 Cars
*Johnny Lighting Indy 500:  2 Cars
*Johnny Lighting The Challenger Series:  6 Cars
*Majorette Road Eaters : 5 Cars.
*Racing Champions Super Truck Series:  3 Trucks
*Kellogg’s NASCAR Mini Car Collection:  6 Cars
* 7 Key Chains

Right Rack, fourth shelve:

*Racing Champions NASCAR Stock Cars:  25 Cars
*ERTL Batman:  Batmobile
*Action Platinum Series Collectibles:  Mike Edwards 1:24 scale die cast and Pit Wagon bank
*NASCAR Dale Earnhardt knife and tin box
*ERTL Shaws: 1938 Chevy Delivery Van
*Yahtzee: 1931 Airplane in box.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro
RS Z28 Crossram

  • Extremely collectible.
  • One of the best.
  • Certified by Camaro expert Jerry MacNeish.
  • Tons of documentation.
  • Rotisserie restoration by well-known Gary Volpicelli.
  • Original sheet metal.
  • ZL2 fiberglass Crossram hood.
  • Desirable Rallye Green.
  • Original interior.
  • Loaded with factory options.
  • Detailed engine compartment.
  • Original matching numbers DZ 302 V8.
  • NOS Crossram intake w/ two original correct Holley carburetors.
  • Original matching numbers 4-speed manual transmission.
  • Original matching numbers 12-bolt posi rear end.
  • Detailed undercarriage.
  • Multiple Concours d'Elegance award winner.
  • Multiple award winner at Ecklers, Super Chevy, AACA and VCCA scoring 1000 of 1000 points.
  • Much, much, more!

  • Going to Barrett Jackson.