1948 Ford F-1
Custom Pickup

  • The best overall classic vehicle I've owned.
  • $200,000 documented professional restoration.
  • Multiple show winner.
  • Multiple magazine featured truck.
  • Stunning all steel laser straight with many mods.
  • PPG booth displayed vehicle with award winning paint.
  • Custom Schott wheels.
  • Electric bed cover.
  • Amazing custom interior.
  • Detailed engine compartment.
  • Built 460 V8 with 542HP!.
  • Built C6 transmission.
  • Ford 9" rear end.
  • Custom chassis.
  • High end suspension and braking system.

  • $125,000.00

Marc Shiliro's Classic Cars
MS CLASSIC CARS presents...
Bicycle Collection


        Presenting a beautiful bicycle collection that was acquired by a serious collector.  During my years of collecting classic cars and trucks I’ve acquired some really cool things from the people I’ve bought vehicles from.  I purchased a beautiful 1970 Chevelle Convertible from a gentleman in New York.  During our conversation it came up that he also collected special bicycles.   He was thinking about selling a few of them and the next thing you know we were negotiating a price for ten bicycles.  Six of them are original and un-restored.  Two of them are reissues and the other two are 2005 models.  Listed below is a description of each bike.  The photos are in order of description list.  Currently these bicycles are in my showroom on display and I’m in no rush to sell them.  The bicycles are only being offered as a collection for $3500.00.  This is only $350.00 per bicycle which is a great deal.  An example would be:  Collectors are asking $1000 for a 1969 Murray Eliminator in mint condition.  These bicycles are in original condition and in nice condition.  Please call me at #508-557-0152 or email with any questions.  Thank you.

List of Bicycles:

*1965 AMF Renegade:  Serial #118652.  Excellent unrestored original condition with replacement tires, grips, pedals and vintage speedometer.
*1969 Murray F5 Eliminator 5-speed:  Serial #M95280448912.  Nice un-restored original with some badly chipped paint around crank area and incorrect chain guard.  Original redline tires.
*1969 Schwinn Stingray (2000 Reissue):  Serial #00C0029368.  Purchased new in carton. Reissue of the original 1960’s Stingray/Krate. Note: Now has original seat bar, tall sissy bar moved to 1975 Mohawk.
*1969 AMX Swift Hornet (2008 Reissue):  Serial #SNACE07H13923.   Purchased new in carton.  Reissue of the original 1969 model.
*1975 Mohawk:  Serial #G568113. Excellent un-restored original condition with replacement tires.  Built in Little Falls, NY.  It’s very rare. Note: Speedometer moved to AMF Renegade and now has tall sissy bar installed.
*1975 Columbia Tripper:  Serial #51960440.  Near mint un-restored original condition with replacement tires.
*1978 KIA KMX Motocross:  Serial #A1071678.  Excellent un-restored original condition with all the original parts and tires.  This marks the trend toward BMX bicycles.  It’s very rare.
*2005 Bratz Lowrider:  Serial #UV03181787.  Excellent un-restored original with replacement grips and pedals.
*2005 Schwinn OCC Sting Ray:  Serial#SNGNP04E04971.  Purchased new in carton. #1444 of first run with rare front fender and pegs.  Includes optional OCC carrier bag.
* 8 ½ foot Custom Chopper by Derek Krehling:  No Serial #.   Fabricated by Derek Krehling at the age of 12 including all welding and painting.  This bike was bought at the 2005 Spring Carlisle from Derek and he signed it on the rear fender.  It is a very nicely done custom.

1972 Chevrolet
Chevelle Custom 406

  • One of the best!
  • Rotisserie restoration.
  • High-end show quality.
  • Laser straight body.
  • Stunning Silver paint with black racing stripes.
  • BOZE Lateral-G 19" and 20" wheels.
  • Beautiful interior with many upgrades.
  • Extreme engine compartment.
  • Built 460 w/540 HP.
  • M22 4-speed.
  • 12-bolt rear end with posi unit.
  • Power Steering and CPP four wheel disc brakes.
  • Upgraded Suspension.
  • Painted undercarriage.
  • Less than 200 miles.

  • $69,900.00