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MS CLASSIC CARS Collection August 16-17

  • 1941 Oldsmobile Series 66 Deluxe Convertible
  • 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Custom Coupe
  • 1956 Chevrolet 210 Custom
  • 1963 Ford Econoline Cargo Van
  • 1965 Ford Econoline Pickup

  • Owls Head Auction

Marc Shiliro's Classic Cars
You're looking at another beautiful classic car listed by MS CLASSIC CARS!
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 - One of the best. -- $129,900.00
Hello, I’m Marc Schiliro the owner of MS CLASSIC CARS.  You might recognize my name or my business name from beautiful classic cars, trucks and motorcycles I’ve collected and sold nationally.  I’ve got over 20 years of classic vehicle experience.  I’d like to put that experience to work for you.  I’ve learned a lot and I’m educated in many different makes and models ranging from the early 1900’s to current.  Over the years I’ve collected and sold over 400 classic vehicles which I’m very proud of.  I sell a large percentage of my inventory from networking and from the various websites I advertise on.  I sell a small percentage of my inventory at various auctions such as Barrett Jackson.  I’ve set over 15 world record prices on various makes and models.  I’ve also featured many classic vehicles at different auctions across the United States. I’ve had many vehicles that have been featured in multiple magazines and multiple websites.  I specialize in beautiful classic vehicles that are at a higher level of quality than most being advertised for sale. I collect classic vehicles that are already completed and slightly redesign them, service them and detail them. I have also coordinated restorations from start to finish.
The MS CLASSIC CARS showroom is located in Seekonk, Massachusetts and was established in 2012.  The MS CLASSIC CARS service department and multiple storage facilities are also located in Seekonk, Massachusetts.  The MS CLASSIC CARS operations are closed to the public.  A private viewing of a vehicle can be made scheduled by appointment Monday through Friday.  The MS CLASSIC CARS inventory consists of roughly 40 classic cars and trucks that we own, service and detail.  We’re one of the only dealerships who document the service work we do to every vehicle with an invoice.  Each vehicle is presented with detailed descriptions and multiple photos.  We offer no consignment inventory.  When you call you deal directly with me. I know each vehicle well and will go over the vehicle of your interest in full detail.  I’ll also assist you with any other needs such as trades, financing, insurance or shipping.  I promise to make the process from start to finish easy and enjoyable.  I take a lot of pride in my business and my reputation reflects that.  I appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  “MS CLASSIC CARS isn’t just another dealer.  MS CLASSIC CARS is a brand.”

I've been collecting classic cars and trucks for over 15 years now and have seen a lot happen. I've seen the hobby continue to grow not only on the internet and auctions but also with the amount of television shows, magazines and websites that are related to classic cars in some form or another. I strongly believe the classic car market is a great place to invest in. When the economy is strong, the classic car market is extremely strong. When the economy isn't so strong the classic car market holds its own. I've sold classic cars and trucks in both economic conditions. The reason classic cars make such a great investment is because people are crazy about cars, especially classic cars.  These people aren’t just one age group but all different ages ranging from very young to very old.  It’s a much diversified market.  I've learned it's not just people in the United States but its people all over the world.  Roughly 20% of my sales are from people who live outside of the United States.  Some examples would be Canada, Australia, Mexico and Europe.  Also from what I’ve learned roughly 20% of bidders at auctions are also  people who live outside the United States. 

  Over the years I've noticed that the higher quality classic cars have always commanded a higher price. Even people who don't have any classic car experience can recognize and appreciate attention to detail. Over the last 10 years the overall market has been very strong and I believe it will continue to grow.  Certain classic cars prices are on the rise and others are on the decline.  It’s all about supply and demand not about a good or bad economy.  The classic cars that are on the rise are the cars that a lot of people want but there aren’t many on the market for sale.  The classic cars that are on the decline are the cars that a lot of people don’t want anymore and there’s many on the market for sale. Of course, if the car is a rare model and spectacular it will command a higher price as I mentioned. Desirable factory correct classic cars that are documented with matching numbers always make solid investments.  Custom cars have remained strong because each car is different from the next one. They each have their own character and there worth what people are willing to pay.

  Prior to this business I was just a blue collar guy who was working full time selling new and used Mercedes Benz.  I was very passionate about classic cars and trucks so I decided to sell them part time.  Although I had my used car dealer’s license I didn’t have my own dealership.  Overall things were going just fine but my dream was to open my own classic car and truck dealership.  I decided to give up my full time job with health insurance and a 401K to open a new classic and truck dealership.  I had to invest a ton of money to make that happen which required using my family’s savings and acquiring loans such as a home equity line of credit.  I also now would have a lot of overhead that I didn’t have before.  The bottom line is I went all in.  Do you think I would’ve done all that if I didn’t think the classic car and truck market wasn’t going to remain strong?  “I’m putting my money where my mouth is”.

Marc Schiliro – The Owner

1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

This spectacular matching numbers 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 is one of the best known examples to exist.  This car was awarded the prestigious MCA (Mustang Club of America) Grand National Concours Gold September 2, 2018.  Ford Mustang Boss 302 experts Bob Perkins, Jeff Speegle and Tom Champagne were consulted during the restoration process of this car.   This car was signed by Lawrence Kiyoshi “Larry” Shinoda who designed the Boss 302.  Larry also signed a judging sheet, copy of the Lois Eminger report and took a photo with this car at the MCA Grand National show in Valley Forge, PA in 1995.  All of these items are included.  The originals manual was signed by Rufus Parnell “Parnelli” Jones and took a photo with this car at Fords 100th Anniversary at the Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn, MI in June 2003.  All of these items are included.  This car was featured in Mustang Illustrated magazine twice and there both included.    The Mustang Boss 302 is a high performance variant of the Ford Mustang originally produced by Ford in 1969 and 1970 for the Trans Am Racing Series.  A total of 7,014 Mustang Boss 302’s were built in 1970.  As indicated on the Deluxe Mart Report this 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 was built on May 14th, 1970 at the Dearborn factory and was ordered with the following options: Yellow paint, Black Rhino/Corinthian vinyl bucket seats, rear deck spoiler, four-speed close ratio manual transmission, 3.50 traction-lok differential, F60x15 belted tires w/ raised white letters, console, power steering, AM radio and tachometer.  According to Marti Auto Works this car is one of one built with these exact options.  Also according to the Deluxe Marti Report this car was part of the Cleveland ordering district and delivered to Ferraro Ford Sales, Inc. located in Girard, PA.  It was sold to Patrick J. Mancini of Erie, PA on August 17, 1970.  Many other items are included such as the Lois Eminger invoice, partial build sheet, Ford warranty ownercard, owner’s manual, reproduction window sticker, owners history, MCA judging sheets, miscellaneous photos, license plates, brochures and articles.  This car has had eight owners over its lifetime with only three  since 1994.  In 1995, this car was treated a nut and bolt show quality restoration.  Once it was completed it was taken to car shows including the MCA Grand National show in Valley Forge, PA.  The judging sheet, photos and magazines document this information.  The car was very well taken care of after the restoration was completed and was in beautiful condition.  In 2012, it was purchased by its last owner who decided to take the car to a higher level so he methodically re-restored it.  This restoration included detailing the paint, exterior work, interior work, engine compartment work and undercarriage work.  He consulted with Ford Mustang Boss 302 experts Bob Perkins, Jeff Speegle and Tom Champagne to be as accurate as possible.  All three of these experts are MCA Gold Card Judges and very well-respected.  This car has a ton of correct parts throughout.   The exterior body is very straight with great gaps throughout.  It was finished in its original Yellow paint color with black accents.  The show quality paint looks like it was finished yesterday.  The front and rear glass is original Carlite and in excellent condition.  The side glass is new and was date stamped to match original.  All of stainless trim is beautiful including the original front hood trim which is tough to find.  The original front and rear bumpers were re-chromed.  The car sits on brand new reproduction 15” wheels and Goodyear Polyglas GT F60x15 tires with raised white letters.  An extra set of reproduction 15” wheels with BF Goodrich Radial T/A 235-60-15 tires are included for someone who wants to drive the car.  The black interior is in beautiful condition and still retains a lot of originality.   Some of the original interior pieces include the headliner, dash, gauges, steering wheel, Hurst shifter, door panels, rear seats, etc.  The front seats were redone and the carpeting was replaced.  A custom stereo system with remote control was hidden under the dash.  Everything in the interior is in working order.  The trunk compartment is beautifully restored and very correct including the spare saver with jack equipment.  The engine compartment is extremely correct and highly detailed throughout.  The engine bay was finished in the exact shade of black.  The x-support and hood latch were finished in the exact shade of slop gray.  The car is powered by the original matching numbers Boss 302 V8 engine that runs excellent.  The engine was rebuilt and tags with parts used are included. It has many correct items such as factory smog, carburetor, starter solenoid, rev limiter, fuel pump, PCV valve, motor mounts, exhaust header bolts, hoses, power steering unit, master cylinder, etc.  All of the factory paint marks, tags and stickers were placed accordingly.  The engine breathes through the dual exhaust system and sounds great.  The exhaust has the correct clamps and hangers.  An extra set of mufflers are included.   The engine is coupled to the original matching numbers 4-speed close ratio manual transmission.  The transmission and clutch work excellent.   The power is transferred to the pavement through the original 3.50 traction-lok differential rear end.  The undercarriage is also extremely correct and highly detailed.  When the car was being re-restored the original batch paint was found on the floors.  The batch paint wasn’t always a match and used on multiple vehicles going down the assembly line.  The exact batch color found on this car was scanned so it could be painted exactly like it was.  It also has many correct items such as the gas tank, steering components, suspension system and braking system.  All of the factory paint marks, tags and stickers were placed accordingly.  This car is the real deal and one of the best known examples known to exist.   This is a great opportunity and true blue chip investment.


Your challenge

I have over 20 years of experience and follow the classic vehicle market on a daily basis.  I’m experienced with most years, makes and models.  Obviously I’m more experienced with certain vehicles but follow them all.  I price my classic vehicles competitive based on the current market values.  I would challenge anyone to find a comparable vehicle for less.  Please make sure your comparing the vehicles history, recent documented service work, all options and the entire vehicles overall condition from top to bottom.  If you’re truly interested in purchasing this vehicle and you have a comparable vehicle that’s priced less please call me to discuss further.  I’m confident that my vehicle will be the better choice.  If I’m wrong I’ll tell you the other vehicle is a better choice and point you in that direction.

“As my website indicates I’ve collected and sold hundreds of beautiful classic vehicles over the years.  I’m proud to say MS CLASSIC CARS holds over 30 world record sale prices.  We’ve also sold many classic vehicles in the six figure plus price range.  The point being is that I’m a good judge of character when it comes time to describe a classic vehicle.  MS CLASSIC CARS collect beautiful classic vehicles that we service and detail.  We document this work with an invoice that is pictured in the photos.  The vehicle you’re about to witness is something I’m proud of.  If you’ve been searching for something like this vehicle I would suggest moving forward with investigating it further.  Please give me a phone call and I’ll go over the entire vehicle with you over the phone.  I will tell you everything I know about it.  I’m the owner and can make all the decisions regarding the price, etc.  There will be no pressure.   My goal is to make sure the vehicle is the right fit for you.  If you decide to purchase it I’ll make the transaction transparent and simple.  I’ll assist you in the financing if necessary.  I’ll also assist you with the shipping.  It’s that easy.  MS CLASSIC CARS isn’t just another dealer.  MS CLASSIC CARS is a brand.”

Marc Schiliro – The Owner. 

Unfortunately most classic vehicles that are being advertised for sale by dealers, private parties and auctions aren't exactly what are being advertised for sale.  This is an industry with no real guidelines and everyone's opinion is completely different.  The average consumer doesn’t realize classic vehicles weren’t restored at the factory and are being restored by people in their garages.  Everyone’s level of restoration experience is different and it shows in the restoration.  An example would be a classic vehicle that's  being advertised as an original model with matching numbers could be a phony with a reproduction trim tag and re stamped numbers on the engine block, etc.  Another example would be a classic vehicle is being advertised as a full restoration when indeed only a few things have been restored.  There are many classic vehicles listed for sale that have cosmetic and mechanical issues with such items as the body, paint, glass, lights, body hinges, gauges, window components, steering components, upholstery, engine leaks and tuning, radiators, transmission, rear end, brake components and suspension components.  The consumers are spending thousands of dollars repairing the classic vehicles they've purchased after the sale.  A bad purchase could turn into the buyer’s worst nightmare and be extremely costly!

MS CLASSIC CARS specializes in beautiful classic cars and trucks that are at a higher level of quality than most being advertised for sale. I personally have selected these vehicles and take pride in what I represent.  I'm not a classic car dealer who is only looking to make a quick buck.  I’ve seen dealers and private parties purchase classic vehicles at auctions and online and immediately list them for sale.  Most of these vehicles aren’t being advertised correctly and haven’t been serviced or detailed.  This business is my career and reputation which means everything to me.  I do the best of my ability to represent quality classic cars and advertise them honestly.  To be clear I’m not in the restoration business.  I represent classic vehicles that have already been restored.

  This vehicle is owned by MS CLASSIC CARS and is located in Seekonk, MA.  I personally have seen, touched and driven this vehicle.  This vehicle has been through a service and detail process which is documented with an MS CLASSIC CARS invoice.  I write the descriptions, take the photos, advertise them for sale and answer all the calls and emails.  I'll personally go over the entire vehicle and tell you everything I know about it.  I'll also give you my opinion if it’s truly the right vehicle for you. I’ll consider all trades and also offer financing if necessary.   Once you've committed to purchase a classic vehicle from MS CLASSIC CARS, I’ll make it a very easy process from start to finish.  Once the funds have cleared I'll immediately mail the paperwork USPS 2-day air.  A CD with the description and photos of the vehicle you purchased will be included in the package.  I’ll also assist in shipping your vehicle to its new home.

         If you've read the introduction tab or visited my website you’ll probably agree I'm a bit of a perfectionist and represent very detailed classic vehicles. MS CLASSIC CARS has a great reputation and we continue to raise the bar in the classic car and truck world.  I sell our classic cars and trucks very quickly because consumers see the value.  I look forward to working with you.  Please read my website testimonials and eBay positive feedback.  Thank you for the opportunity!
Marc Schiliro – the owner
What makes MS CLASSIC CARS different from other classic car dealers and from vehicles being marketed privately on the market for sale?

* Each vehicle has been hand-picked by the owner Marc Schiliro.

* NO CONSIGNMENTS.  We own the MS CLASSIC CARS inventory and know every vehicle well.

* NO SALESPEOPLE.  Deal directly with the owner Marc Schiliro when you call or email.

* Every vehicle goes through a service process unlike most vehicles on the market for sale.  The service work is documented with an invoice that is pictured in the photos.  MS CLASSIC CARS owns its own service and storage facility.

* Every vehicle gets a complete MS CLASSIC CARS Classic car automotive detail which includes the exterior, interior, engine compartment, trunk compartment and undercarriage.  This is valued at $600.00

* Every vehicle has a detailed description with multiple photos including the undercarriage which is done by the owner Marc Schiliro.

* Assistance with financing if necessary.  Competitive rates and terms are available.

* Assistance with transportation once the sale is completed.

* Assistance with insurance once the sale is completed.

* Easy transaction from start to finish.  Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

        Classic cars and trucks make great investments and are extremely fun to own.  It’s so exciting to search for a classic, purchase one and watch it come off the trailer, add your own touches, take it for a ride or just look at it sitting in the garage after a hard day at work.  Classic car and truck collectors aren’t just in the United States but worldwide.  The classic car and truck market is growing every day.  It’s seen at car shows and auctions, in magazines and on TV shows.  Get your new classic car or truck today.  You only live once, if you can afford it, do it!
        I do the best I can to represent my classic cars and trucks.  My results, feedback and reputation speak for themselves. Everyone’s opinion of a classic car and truck is different and I encourage questions prior to a purchase. I have a beautiful showroom with excellent lighting and a lift for a complete inspection if requested. Inspections will be scheduled by appointment only.  The closest airport is Providence, RI.  It’s only a 25 minute ride from the dealership.  I can arrange to pick up at the airport.  I also have a dealer plate that would allow for a test drive with a valid driver’s license for a serious buyer.  Please call 508-557-0152 or email for any questions.  Thank you. 

Marc Shiliro

Marc Schiliro

Owls Head Auction
MS CLASSIC CARS Collection August 16-17

  • 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Custom
  • 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe
  • 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 MK III
  • 1968 MAC Javelin
  • 1970 Porsche 911T Coupe
  • 1995 Mercedes-Benz SL500

  • Owls Head Auction